In short, SCRAB was designed to improve your ability to discover and process large volumes of financial and economic data, which is crucial to make unbiased investment decisions on the stock market. Then comes the automation that brings your investing process to another whole level by saving you most of the time you spend on fundamental analysis.

What you can do with SCRAB

With SCRAB, you can access, visualize and analyze over 500 financial metrics relating to over 37 000 companies from all over the world. Our proprietary tool for building scoring models can help you automate the investing process and alleviate the burden of constantly monitoring the market. Using the real backtest function, you are also able to validate your strategy and optimize the final parameters of your portfolio, such as allocations or rebalancing periods. The whole array of alerts you can set up with SCRAB will keep you posted whenever something crucial happens to one of your holdings.

The five most important things you can use SCRAB for

  1. Discovering new stocks to find the best ones (we cover 37k of them)
  2. Visualizing and analyzing the data to evaluate the potential
  3. Building a scoring model to analyze companies automatically
  4. Backtesting your strategy to make sure it does make sense
  5. Creating a portfolio and setting alerts to never miss a thing

Find out more functions and use cases by exploring the rest of our powerful knowledge base.