SCRAB is so versatile that you can work with it in many different ways, but two approaches are common:

  1. Working with the individual feature as a separate standalone tool (i.e. Master Chart or Screener)
  2. Doing the whole workflow, from finding stocks to building a scoring model to fine-tuning your portfolio

Below we will show you what the complete analytical workflow might look like. If you're looking for a detailed description of every function, please refer to the discrete manuals.

If you decide to do a full workflow, it usually has five steps:

  1. Using a screener to find some stocks for further analysis
  2. Building a scoring model and ranking all of these companies
  3. Doing some backtests to see if the expected results fit your goals
  4. Manually analysing your selected stocks to make sure they're good
  5. Creating your portfolio for further monitoring and setting up alerts

You can explore more on these topics in our knowledge base.