After screening is done and you are happy with the results, you can do many different things. For example, buy all the companies on the spot (not recommended) or work with them a bit more to conduct further analysis (recommended). 

The steps you can take directly from the screener menu are the following (you can find them at the bottom of your screening results):

  1. Display detailed scoring for the companies found in the screener. You can select which Scoring Model you'd like to use to calculate scores for the companies.
  2. Open Scores Breakdown tool to see total scores for the companies. You can also select which scoring model to use.
  3. Open all companies in the Master Chart tool to analyze them manually. 
  4. Open all companies in the MultiChart tool to analyze them manually.

Still confused about what all these scoring models are all about? Read the introduction here or go directly to the Scoring Model manual.