An automated scoring model of some kind is the most disruptive and unique thing that SCRAB has to offer. The whole idea of scoring models is to define your criteria of what a "good stock" means to you, convert these criteria into numbers, and let out algorithms not only find all the stocks that rank the best according to your criteria but also update these models daily and feed them with new fundamental data every 24 hours (think about recent quarterly reports, EPS revisions, price target updates made by analysts, etc.). 

For a human being, it's next to impossible to process all of the data calculated daily for almost 40 000 global companies. For our algorithms, it's a piece of cake. The result of using our automated scoring model is an always up-to-date full list of interesting companies sorted out beautifully from the best to the worst stock according to the standards you defined.

So how can you actually set up your first scoring model and make it work for you?

Well, there are two ways: you can build it from scratch or use one of the predefined models we've equipped the SCRAB with. Both methods are described in detail in the following articles:

Don't forget to read our short introduction to the very idea of scoring models. This should be beneficial to better understand the whole concept before moving forward. You can read it here: Understanding scoring models