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When configuring the Metric Value in Historical Range Rule, you'll notice two possibilities: either to draw a horizontal or a diagonal Auto-Channel. In most cases, one of these will be enough. But in rare situations, you might want to adjust that channel manually. 

Keep in mind that you can edit the Auto-Channel only for a company that is already added to one of your scoring models since only these companies are automatically scored by our algorithms.

To manually draw a channel that our scoring model will use, do these steps:

After saving the adjusted channels, you can notice that a thunder icon appeared on the just-adjusted rule in the left side panel. This indicates that the rule for this particular company was changed manually and won't be overwritten by our algorithms.

The whole operation will now instruct our system to grade that company according to your manually drawn channel in the P/S rule rather than the default two-standard-deviations model.

By the way, if you want to delete the manually drawn channel, click the trash icon on the left while editing the chart. That will tell our algorithms to start using the automatic default model again.