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Scoring Models

All you need to know to build and use the Scoring Models tool

Predefined Scoring Models

Use Scrab's preconfigured Scoring Models based on 4 different Investment Approaches: Dividend, Growth at a Reasonable Price, Hyper Growth, and Value.

Building Your Own Scoring Model

Setting up a new scoring model To start, use the left navigation pane, navigate to the Fundamental Scoring category, and click on the option' + New Scoring Model.' This will take you to a new screen. From here, enter the name for your new scoring ...

Scrab’s Rule Types

Choose from 5 rule types: Static Range, Historical Range, Metrics Comparison, Change Over Time, and Max Decline.

Configuring Rule Type Settings

Learn how to edit each rule type, from setting maximum score, grading scales and unique settings.

Configuring Advanced Settings

Scrab allows you to adjust your scoring model's advanced settings for even more custom scoring.  These include: Required years since IPO Tolerance for low scores and missing data Green(high) and red (low) score thresholds To find these settings, i...

Adding and Configuring Rules

We highly recommend reviewing our articles " Scrab's Rule Types and Configuring Rule Type Settings" to better understand how each rule type work. Also, to create a full scoring model from scratch and add your first rule, please refer to the art...

How to use the Quick Score tool

The Quick Score tool allows you to quickly check the total scoring for multiple companies without adding them to any scoring model. To access the tool, use the left navigation pane and click Quick Score under the Fundamental Scoring category. Once...

How to use the Stocks Comparison Tool

The Stocks Comparison tool lets you compare multiple companies in detail without adding them to a scoring model, preserving your quota.  Unlike the Quick Score tool , which shows only total scores, this tool allows in-depth inspection of each asp...