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We recently launched Scrab 2.0, and are in the process of updating our Knowledge Base content.
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Note: For the Portfolio Tear Sheets Tab to display, your portfolio must: 

  • Not be Monitoring-only – otherwise, the "Tear Sheet" tab is hidden. (To turn it off, go to portfolio settings and uncheck monitoring only).
  • Have at least one company with a number of shares bigger than 0.
  • Number of holdings in Portfolio is less or equal to 100.

Use the tear sheet to evaluate your portfolio against the S&P 500, examining metrics like Beta, Sharpe Ratio, and Value at Risk alongside historical drawdowns. This analysis can reveal if your stocks are more volatile, have worse drawdowns, or have underperformed compared to the S&P 500, indicating a potential need to adjust your investment strategy. Alternatively, you might choose to accept the risks without making changes.

To view, click the 'Tear Sheet' tab. 

The Tear Sheet will open and should display similarly to the figure below:

Tear Sheet Key Facts and Limitations

  • All statistics and historical returns are based only on the current portfolio holdings, regardless of any past transactions or rebalancing settings.
  • Prices and statistics history is limited by the stock with the shortest price history.
  • If a stock's price history is unavailable (e.g., when Scrab receives an unrecognizable ticker through Brokerage Integration), that company will be excluded, and the Tear Sheet will be generated using the price history from the rest of the stocks in the portfolio.